TORX Trail Running Races 8-17 September 2023

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




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USEFUL INFORMATION #3 Routes, refreshment points and life bases

Tracks and time barriers are available on the website in the DOWNLOADS section.

  • Tor des Géants®, TOR130 - Tot Dret e TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà paths will be marked with flags, signboards and signals on the ground, with particular care for the most relevant crossings
  • Tor des Glaciers is not marked. According to the regulations, GPS navigator with all the tracks uploaded is mandatory
  • Tor des Glaciers: tracks are constantly updating, there may be modifications derived by path inspections and notifications from runners testing the route on behalf of VDA Trailers. So, GPX and KML files and time barriers are named with the update date. The final version will be released ten days before the departure
  • Tor des Glaciers: download and save the file on your device and get a free software to view and manage the tracks
  • It’s absolutely forbidden to pick up flags and move the signage
  • Any kind of lack has to be reported to volunteers along the path
  • Every runner is asked to study the track before the departure, during the race, in case of doubts and loss, call the emergency number affixed on your bib
  • In the sections on road, walk on the sidewalks and respect the road code
  • It’s absolutely forbidden to cut the path, in the respect of environment, private propriety, other runners and regulations. Cutting the road may let you save time, but it is cheating
  • Fenêtre de Tsan: Tor des Géants® will pass through Fenêtre de Tsan as in 2017, while TOR130 - Tot Dret will pass from Gordza as in 2018



Refreshment points - every 8 km circa
The official refreshment points supply drinks and food strictly for runners only, which must be consumed on site

  • Plastic drinking cups are not supplied
  • Before leaving a refreshment point, runners must ensure they have enough food and water to last them until the next one
  • Some refreshment points have areas where runners may take a short rest, maximum 2 hours. If any runner is unable to continue with the race after a maximum 2-hour stay at a refreshment point or refuge, the on-site volunteers will contact the race organisers to assess whether the runner should be withdrawn from the race
  • Tor des Glaciers: Along the stretch of route that overlaps with the Tor des Géants®, only the refreshment points operating at the time will be open to Tor des Glaciers runners

Life bases - every 50 km circa
In life bases runners can have a full hot meal, a shower and a longer rest, within time barrier restrictions and receive the TOR bag.

  • Tor des Glaciers: Cogne, Donnas, Gressoney S.J. and Courmayeur
  • Tor des Géants®: Valgrisenche, Cogne, Donnas, Gressoney S.J., Valtournenche, Ollomont and Courmayeur
  • TOR130 - Tot Dret: Ollomont and Courmayeur
  • TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà: Courmayeur

The organisation has arranged for runners to use the sleeping accommodation, subsistence and shower facilities free of charge at partner refuges. Runners must observe the rules of the refuge and not disturb other people using the facilities.

Partner refuges:
Rifugio Maison Vieille, Rifugio Elisabetta, Rifugio Deffeyes, Rifugio degli Angeli, Rifugio Bezzi, Rifugio Bezzi, Rifugio Benevolo, Rifugio Savoia al Nivolet, Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele, Rifugio Chabod, Rifugio Vittorio Sella, Rifugio Miserin, Rifugio Dondena, Rifugio Retempio, Rifugio Bonze, Rifugio Coda, Rifugio Barmaz, La Gruba, Ristoro Sitten, Rifugio Ferraro, Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi, Rifugio Perucca Vuillermoz, Rifugio Prarayer, Rifugio Crête Sèche, Rifugio Champillon, Rifugio Gran San Bernardo, Rifugio Frassati, Rifugio Bertone.


In every refuge you will find:

  • shower
  • hot meal
  • bed
  • battery charger
  • distress call point
  • form to register your passage

By day:

  • The organisation has arranged for runners a basic treatment:
  • hot meal from the local menu, a shower, a bed, possibility to charge the batteries of the phone and of the GPS devices
  • Every extra request is at your own expense
  • Mountain refuges are a distress call point. If you are in trouble, or you know someone in trouble, ask the director of the refuge to call via radio the organisation. If needed, any kind of means of aid will be activated

By night:

  • Refuges are normally closed by night. During the Tor des Glaciers the doors will stay open
  • It is not sure that the director will be awake to welcome you, but he will leave at your disposal some hot tea and some items of convenience
  • He will leave for you any kind of instruction to shower, sleep and charge your devices
  • At your awakening you will surely find a smiling face that will cook a perfect breakfast for you!

Refuge host you as a normal hiker. You have to follow the basic rules of conduct:

  • Do not disturb other hosts
  • If asked, take the shoes off
  • Respect the kitchen opening hours and do not ask to eat if this one is closed
  • If you sleep in refuge, remember to fold the blanked you used

At the refuge you have to sign your passage on the registration form of Tor des Glaciers writing down you bib number and your arrival time. This will be used for the race chrono.

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