TORX Trail Running Races 6-15 September 2024

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR100 Cervino Monte Bianco - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




Tor Stories

“More than anything, the Tor is a journey.
To discover yourself,

a unique setting,
and the people that you meet along the way”

There are as many Tor’s as there are people who participate or follow the race from close by.
From inside.

The Tor stories which are told here
are internal reflections, astonishment at places discovered,
memories of friendships born along the trail, with unexpected mates,
volunteers or local residents.

Books and images of authors who love the Tor des Géants
and are affectionately linked to it.
Because the Tor ‘takes you’, it involves you, and you never let it go.

The profiles of the Giants who challenge themselves,
but also of those who simply feel themselves to be ‘Tor people’.
And the stories too of those who have expressed, in their own words,
the spirit and excitement of the Tor.

Every one is different, every one is personal.

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