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Valle d'Aosta. The true heart of the Italian Alps

Bordering France and Switzerland, surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Europe, the Aosta Valley is the beating heart of the western Italian Alps.

Valle d'Aosta is Italy's smallest region boasting spectacular scenery, world-class skiing and snowboarding, top quality food, and a history that dates back to before Roman times.

It consists of a central valley crossed by the Dora Baltea river from which 13 side valleys branch off, carved out by glaciers and mountain streams.

Aosta, the regional capital, is known as the "Rome of the Alps" for its well-preserved Roman monuments.

Since ancient times, Aosta Valley has been an obligatory passage towards the Alpine passes and an important crossroads of the Western Alps. In the Middle Ages the first fortified settlements arose and over time castles, towers and fortresses became a distinctive element of the Aosta Valley landscape.

Aosta Valley has a natural heritage of rare beauty and several protected areas: 2 parks, the renowned Gran Paradiso National Park and the Mont-Avic Natural Park, 10 nature reserves and 4 Alpine botanical gardens.

The region is a true paradise for hiking, rafting, climbing, mountain biking and many other outdoor activities.

Thanks to its location in the far North West of the country, the Aosta Valley mixes the best of Italian culinary tradition with a healthy dose of mountain flavours and ingredients. Local wines are also very popular, coming from spectacular vineyards plucked from the steep slopes of the mountains.

Discover the fascinating Aosta Valley region, less than two hours from Geneva, Turin and Milan.

The region is also well connected to France via the Mont Blanc tunnel and the Piccolo San Bernardo pass and to Switzerland via the Gran San Bernardo pass and tunnel.

Updated: Tue, 02/08/2022 - 14:29