TORX Trail Running Races 8-17 September 2023

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




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All the numbers and awards of TORX®

A warm and sunny day welcomed the awards ceremony of the thirteenth edition of TORX®, the final act of the event organized by VDA Trailers which, after yesterday's eventful day, gave a huge embrace to all its Giants. The Bollino Park of Courmayeur welcomed hundreds of trail runners ready to collect their prizes and parade with the finisher's medal and t-shirt, cheered by the always presents and tireless speakers Silvano Gadin and Ivan Parasacco and by the music of the maestro Riccardo Ibba, who animated these ten days from the Jardin de l'Ange and from the different corners of the Aosta Valley. For Alessandra Nicoletti, president of VDA Trailers, the time has come for the usual final balance: “It was a difficult and complicated TORX®, as always. I would like to thank all the working group behind an event of this dimension, from the staff to the mountain guides, from the Volontor to the Massaggiator, to the brooms, to the race commissioners, as well as of course to the participants, their assistants and their families: all these people have allowed, despite the difficulties, to reach the end of these ten days and to celebrate. Without them, TORX® would not be possible”. A total of 882 finishers of the three TORX® races in the last week in the Western Alps, in Aosta Valley: 589 in the TOR330 - Tor des Géants®, 57 in the TOR450 - Tor des Glaciers, 236 in the TOR130 - Tot Dret. TOR330 - TOR DES GEANTS® WOMEN 1) Sabrina Verjee (80:19:38) UK 2) Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (84:58:55) SPAIN 3) Sandrine Beranger (89:40:04) FRANCE 4) Sophie Grant (95:17:47) NEW ZEALAND 5) Florence Golay-Geymond (99:55:03) SWITZERLAND MEN 1) Jonas Russi (70:31:36) SWITZERLAND 2) Simone Corsini (75:27:33) ITALY 3) Andrea Macchi (76:43:50) ITALY 4) Andrea Mattiato (78:22:28) ITALY 5) Lawrence Eccles (80:45:07) UK CATEGORIES TOR330 WOMEN SEN Natalie White (101:52:29) UK V1 Teresa Mustica (105:08:22 ITALY V2 Patrizia Pensa 107:12:03 ITALY MEN SEN Martin Perrier (81:42:51) SWITZERLAND V1 Damian Hall (88:04:55) UK V2 Juan Jose Larrotcha (84:58:32) SPAIN V3 Lazaros Rigos (117:38:36) GREECE TOR450 - TOR DES GLACIERS WOMEN 1) Isabelle Ost (168:04:32) BELGIUM 2) Chloé Saint Joly (171:43:16) FRANCE 3) Nicky Spinks (173:20:59) UK 4) Guendalina Sibona (184:00:55) ITALY 5) Monica Sala Guilera (169:25:45) SPAIN MEN 1) Sebastien Raichon (123:57:18) FRANCE 2) Luca Papi (134:23:35) FRANCE 2) Tiaan Erwee (134:23:35) GUERNSEY 4) Paul Tierney (136:23:20) IRELAND 5) Taro Kuchiimi (146:03:40) JAPAN CATEGORIES TOR450 MEN SEN Volker Fohrmeister (148:06:41) GERMANY V1 Jorge Manuel Garcia Rodriguez (146:38:22) SPAIN V2 Sebastien Lesage (162:48:18) FRANCE V3 Giorgio Guasina (176:56:02) ITALY TOR130 - TOT DRET WOMEN 1) Alessandra Boifava (25:45:25) ITALY 2) Katrin Bieler (27:12:25) ITALY 2) Denise Zacco (27:12:25) ITALY 4) Saara Peteri (32:45:17) FINLAND 5) Laura Bernardi (32:48:26) ITALY MEN 1) Henri Grosjacques (22:06:31) ITALY 2) Florentin Gooris (22:39:06) BELGIUM 3) Vincent Boitelet (24:03:05) SWITZERLAND 4) Giovanni Paris (25:00:48) ITALY 5) Fabien Piquerez (25:13:30) FRANCE CATEGORIES TOR130 WOMEN SEN Scarano Pamela (35:13:13) ITALY V1 Martina Mathilde (37:55:13) ITALY V2 Laure Pion (36:12:46) FRANCE MEN SEN Adrien Vulliamy (25:13:47) SWITZERLAND V1 Alessandro Rostagno (25:32:59) ITALY V2 Luca Valenti (26:50:55) ITALY V3 Alessio Orsini (35:32:15) ITALY V4 Jean Claude Paroli (36:06:28) FRANCE SPECIAL AWARD GARMIN ENDURO 2 Lucio Trucco, mountain guide SCARPA AWARD SKYWAY AWARD BEST ATHLETES FROM AOSTA VALLEY TOR330 WOMEN Marcella Pont 113:57 (123ª scratch) TOR330 MEN Vilmo Imperial 104:29 (66° scratch) TOR450 MEN Piero Barmasse 163:40 (19° scratch) TOR130 MEN Henry Grosjacques 22:06 (1° scratch) TOR130 WOMEN Katrin Bieler 27.12 (18ª scratch) SCARPA AWARD YOUNGEST FINISHER Torin Lloyd-Hughes (2001) UK FRASSATI 131:44:40 TOR330

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