TORX Trail Running Races 8-17 September 2023

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




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Disclaimer and medical certificate

When there is just over a month left before the start of the four TORX® races (TOR330 - Tor des Géants, TOR450 - Tor des Glaciers, TOR130 - Tot Dret and TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà) scheduled from 9 to 18 September 2022 in Valle d'Aosta, the time has come to check that all your documents are in order. If you have not already done so, we therefore ask you to upload the disclaimer and the medical certificate, by 1 August 2022, in your personal area on The two documents are required to be able to be at the start of all races.

The certificate must attest to the sporting aptitude for the competitive practice of Trail Running or Athletics.

After the experience of 2021 in which an athlete, in one of our races, although complying with the presentation of the documents, died a few meters from the start due to an illness, the organization will not make any exceptions and the runners without a valid medical certificate will be not allowed to take part in the race.

We will check all the documents and validate the regular ones before the race. Certificates bearing the names of other races will not be accepted.

If you have already uploaded your certificate, please ignore this communication.

Updated: Sun, 31/07/2022 - 11:33