TORX Trail Running Races 8-17 September 2023

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




An impressive Sabrina Verjee wins TOR330 – Tor des Géants®

Sabrina Verjee has certainly found a way to stand out in the international trail scene, with an impressive showdown at TOR330 - Tor des Géants®: she won the women ranking of the toughest endurance trail in the world with a stratospheric time of 80h19'38”, the first woman under 85 hours. It is difficult not to define it as a record, despite the change of route that excluded Col Brison, with Verjee who finished in fifth place in the scratch ranking, after having long chased Silvia Trigueros Garrote who seemed to have no rivals and who, until yesterday, was on her way to win her fourth TOR. Instead, the British gradually recovered ground on the Basque, nibbling minutes after minutes yesterday evening and finding the overtaking between the Magià Refuge and the Cuney Refuge around midnight. Garrote, who ran at her best, did not have the strength to remain attached to Sabrina Verjee, who increased the advantage more and more. Trigueros Garrote finished in second place in 84h58’55”. “I didn't race on Trigueros Garrote but I wanted to do my race,” said Sabrina Verjee. "We overtook each other several times in the refuges, because one or the other was sleeping. It was nice to do a piece of the journey with her”. The British had some health problems, as well as suffering from asthma: “For 36 hours I couldn't eat and it was tough. Compared to the races I'm used to doing, the mountains here are more impressive and I had problems with altitude, even though I came here a few weeks earlier to acclimatize and this helped”. An impressive Sabrina Verjee wins TOR330 – Tor des Géants® Accustomed to endurance races and feats, Sabrina Verjee won the Spine Race in 2020 and the Spine Fusion in 2019, both of 430 kilometers, as well as having recorded the Wainwright lakes record in 2021, 525 kilometers and 36,000 meters of elevation gain, beating the previous time that belongs to Paul Tierney, currently fourth at TOR450 - Tor des Glaciers. In the afternoon, meanwhile, the podium of the men's race was completed after the victory of Jonas Russi. In second place Simone Corsini, still smiling and "sprinting" in 75h27’33", improved his time last year by more than seven hours. However, he had to fight more than expected, because Andrea Macchi was arriving behind him, then finishing the race in 76h43’50".

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