TORX Trail Running Races 6-15 September 2024

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR100 Cervino Monte Bianco - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




Isabelle Ost in the TOR450 - Tor des Glaciers hall of fame

After conducting a “prudent” race, the Belgian Isabelle Ost won the TOR450 - Tor des Glaciers. An adventure that pushes to the limit those who struggle through these 450 kilometres on Alte Vie 3 and 4, away from the beaten track and in total autonomy, with only the refuges to give support to the athletes. Such a struggle that the one who lead for all seven days saw her dream vanish just a “few” kilometres from the end: at dawn on Friday on Col Barasson, less than 40 kilometres from the finish line and after having covered more than 400, Marina Plavan fell down and was forced to retire when she was more than two hours ahead of the Belgian. Nothing serious for her, but the disappointment of seeing the victory fade after two second places is certainly enormous. Ost reached the finish line after 168 hours 04 minutes 32 seconds, sharing the entire journey with her husband Stéphan Bero (second in the PTL a few weeks ago), with whom she has raced - and even won - the PTL and many other races several times. The 43-year-old Belgian participated, back in 2010, in the very first Tor des Géants®, finishing in fifth place in the women's ranking. At the finish line, she danced with her husband, to whom she dedicated her vitory, as well as to her children and to Marina Plavan: "She was in the lead and she was more prepared than me, she deserved to win", she said with fair play. Of the twelve women who started (record number of participants), still in the race are Chloé Saint Joly and Nicky Spinks, arrived at the Frassati Refuge at 6.26 pm and 7.07 pm respectively, Guendalina Sibona, at 12.39 pm at the Rifugio Champillon, and Monica Guilera Sala, at the Champillon at 1.55 pm.

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