TORX Trail Running Races 6-15 September 2024

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USEFUL INFORMATION #1 Insurance and medical certificate

Less than three months left at the start of the tenth edition of the TOR, in these months,, in addition to your training, you will have to pay attention to some organizational aspects that will help you to face your race in a conscious and safe way.

All runners are strongly advised to take out personal injury insurance with a provider of their choice  and to carry payment guarantee letter all times during the race.

Remember that:
1) Medical treatment is not free in Italy.
The costs of rescue by helicopter and emergency medical treatment are only covered by the relevant institutions in the runner's country of residence, or any private insurance policy, only if the runner is carrying the following up-to-date documentation at the time of hospitalization:
ITALIAN CITIZENS: "tessera sanitaria", health insurance card/tax code
EUROPEAN CITIZENS (including Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK): European health insurance card
NON-EUROPEAN CITIZENS: payment guarantee letter with the address of the insurance company to which invoices should be sent.

Anyone who does not have public health coverage or private health insurance will be required to pay the full cost of any healthcare provided, including emergency treatment.

Note! Tessera sanitaria or the equivalent for foreign citizens is part of the MANDATORY EQUIPMENT

​2) Rescue by helicopter is only for patients requiring urgent medical attention and cannot be used simply as a means of transport by runners who withdraw from the race.
Where a runner is of foreign nationality or not covered by the National Health Service, or in the event of a call-out not justifiable for health reasons, the entire cost must be paid by all passengers, even if registered with the National Health Service (Regional Council Resolution DGR n. 1054//2016)

3) The organisation takes out public liability insurance to cover the entire duration of the event. Participation in the race is entirely at the runners' own risk. Runners waive the right to make any claim against the organisers in the event of injury or consequences that may arise subsequent to the race.
At the time of registering online, runners are required to sign a consent form to complete the registration process.

4) The organisation undertakes to register all runners with the UISP (Italian Union of Sport for All), which provides injury insurance cover for all (click here for details)

5) The ITRA (International Trail Running Association) has developed a special trail running insurance policy, designed to cover the needs of trail runners who experience difficulties during a race (click here for details).

All runners are required to present a valid AGONISTIC medical certificate by 1st August 2019 at the latest. In Italy the visit for the competitive medical certificate is made up of the following tests: spirometry, electrocardiogram under stress, visual test and urine test.
Since in every country the rules are different, we require a medical certificate with the following characteristics:
1) personal data
2) indication "agonistic" or "in competition"
3) date of issue
4) doctor's stamp
5) doctor's signature
For foreign certificates, if possible, provide a copy in English or French.

The medical certificate (CM), as the liability disclaimer  (LB), has to be uploaded on 100%Trail following the directions in the right column.
All documents are checked one by one, manually by our secretary, so validation may take some time.

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