TORX Trail Running Races 8-17 September 2023

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà




Important information



During the period of the races of TORX®, the Mont Blanc Tunnel will be closed. Alternative routes will be available for people coming from France or Switzerland by car: download the map HERE. If you are planning your coming by plane, please consider flights to Milan, Turin or Bergamo instead of Geneva. 



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TOR450 - Tor des Glaciers

Each runner is provided with a GPS tracker to be attached externally to the rucksack and returned on arrival. A deposit of 100€ is required, which will not be returned if the tracker is not returned. The GPS tracker enables the organisation to verify the runner's position on the route. It does not replace the GPS navigator which the runner must carry with him/her to follow the track.

TOR330 – Tor des Géants

Athletes of TOR330 - Tor des Géants® who haven't done it during the registration process, can hire their GPS device at a cost of 100€ on their personal area. The deadline is 30 April.



In order to participate in all TORX® races, it is compulsory to provide a medical certificate of competitive sports fitness valid for the duration of the race. The documents must be uploaded to your personal file at no later than 1 August 2023. Certificates will not be accepted at the start: failure to upload the certificate by the indicated date will result in the cancellation of the registration and no refund will be due to the competitor.

Italian athletes

They must upload the certificate issued by a sports medicine doctor attesting to their fitness for competitive athletics.

Italians athletes resident abroad

If they do not have a medical certificate issued in Italy, they may fill in and upload the form provided and downloadable in the download section.

Foreign athletes

They must fill in and upload the form provided and downloadable in the download section.

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