TORX Trail Running Races 6-15 Settembre 2024

TOR330 Tor des Geants® - TOR450 Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 Tot Dret - TOR100 Cervino Monte Bianco - TOR30 Passage au Malatrà





KAILAS is a climbing apparel and equipment company founded in 2003, widely recognized as the most innovative and technical outdoor company in China. Many of the products have won important awards, such as ISPO Award and Europe Outdoor Industry Award.

The name KAILAS comes from the name of the holy Tibetan mountain KAILASH, a sacred destination of religious pilgrimage. Every year religious pilgrims make the journey to Mt. KAILASH, following the traditions of their ancestors dating back thousands of years. The rugged terrain, high altitude and harsh weather all contribute to the difficulties of pilgrimage, but those who choose to take it on remain undeterred. The will to complete this spiritual journey is beyond imagination. It is an undertaking that expresses humankind's search for freedom, which is the philosophy and passion KAILAS lives by.

At the core of the KAILAS and TorX partnership lies a dedication to enhancing the performance of athletes and adventurers. By leveraging a collective knowledge and expertise, both companies are committed to developing gear that empowers athletes to unleash their full potential. At KAILAS, we understand the importance of providing participants with reliable, comfortable and durable backpacks that can withstand the challenging terrain of the Tor des Géants race.

KAILAS backpacks are known for the durability, comfort, and style. For instance, the FUGA AIR backpacks are equipped with ADF (All-round Dial Fit) system that ensure an ideal fit for all runners. Additionally, there’re plenty compartments that can accommodate all your essentials such as hydration packs, energy gels, salt tablets, jackets, and more. With KAILAS FUGA AIR backpacks, runners can be confident that their gear will withstand the rigors of the terrain, climate, and other challenges that come with the Tor des Géants race.

KAILAS has been supporting athletes and has built strong ties with the endurance community in global. 16 athletes from KAILAS FUGA Team, led by Franco Collé, the Three-time winner of the Tor des Géants, "the engineer of mountain running" who set a new race record (66h 43m 57s) in 2021, will represent KAILAS to participate the race. Among the athlete team, we are delight to have Sange Sherpa, Giuditta Turini, Danilo Lantermino, Arrigoni Luca, Agnese Valz Gen, Martin Perrier, and more to join the race. All athletes have showcased their abilities in endurance sports, and they have been training specifically for this event.

We are thrilled to be part of Tor des Géants and share our products with runners from all over the world. We hope that our partnership will inspire more people to embrace outdoor activities and to engage in healthy and adventurous lifestyles. Together with the Tor des Géants organizers, we strive to provide the best experience possible for all the participants, and we look forward to an exciting and successful event.

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